Our Philosophy

We decided to set the bar for all sportswear in circulation. Our custom designs use the latest in technology and fabrics to create the idea competitive sportswear that is unmatched. "Once you try our footwear, you will never wear socks again.​​​​​"


Our Footwear ​Features


* REVOLUSHON STRETCH CUFF: Protective & gentle barrier

* AIR MESH: core-spun COOLMAX fabric & nylon blend for maximum breathability

* REVO-SIDE SHIELD: core-spun COOLMAX fabric woven to the inside w/nylon placed on the outside to protect the skin while wicking away moisture

* REVO-SEAM: Rosso Extra Smooth looped toe seam

* CORE-SPUN COOLMAX encases a LYCRA fiber core to create incredible moisture control, increased strength, & excellent strength recovery

* COOLMAX FABRIC has a larger surface area than other fibers, which allow for faster, more efficient evaporation. The patented four channel design of COOLMAXfiber pulls moisture out and away from the skin

* LYCRA infused for a compression effect which improves blood circulation and adds support around the ankle

REVOLUSHON SPORTSWEAR started in 2013 by super trainer, Shon Peterson. His vision was to create a superior brand of sportswear designated for the "Ultra-athlete" which provides the ultimate comfort, support, and dryness for the most intense and extreme performance conditions. Our footwear allow for maximum ventilation while giving additional support through true compression. 

Coolmax vs Other fabrics

Several companies have recently tried to emulate our use of Coolmax but add the minimal amount possible and don't even qualify as Coolmax everyday socks. Our footwear qualifies as Coolmax Extreme Performance socks and supercedes all competitors. See the difference. >>>>


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